Whitney Architecture

Wallingford Certified Passive House

New Home

This home in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle was designed for a couple who plan to age in place in the perfect setting, with easy access to amenities. The home, a Certified Passive House has made great use of a smaller city lot by occupying vertical space. It has a garage, two green roof areas, an elevator and rooftop decks as well as 3.3 kW roof-mounted PV Solar Panels. Like our other Passive Houses, this home is super-well insulated, has triple-glazed windows and an air exchanger that brings in fresh air to all spaces while using "passive" energy sources to heat the home such as the occupants and everyday electronics. The builders, Hammer and Hand, worked with the homeowners to incorporate several pieces salvaged from the site's original home.
For performance information and specifications on The Wallingford Passive House, please visit the Passive House Northwest directory here: http://www.phnwdirectory.org/1/62/Wallingford_Passive_House_Residence.html